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Vastu Shastra – Bring Happiness in Home

Cosmic Energies team comprises of Best Vastu Shastra Consultants, outstanding Nakshatra Astrology Consultants and most promising Best Numerology consultants from very special Kabbalah methodology. Best Vastu Shastra Specialist in India.  Based on the collective knowledge and experience of our team, we make the predictions and suggest more effective ways and means to synchronize the energies around the concerned person or family

We shape our buildings and there after they shape us. “Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister, UK”. The term VASTU comes from the Sanskrit word – ‘VAS NIWASE’ meaning a habitable place, such as a place which helps you to live with more love, happiness and money. VASTU means ‘suitable building for dwelling’. The knowledge of VASTU had been well explored by our ancient sages thousands of years ago, but at that time, this knowledge was strictly reserved for Kings.

VASTU is the science and art of exploring human potential through buildings. It is the study of the effects that your space has on your mind and the situations of your life. It has been proved that the space where one resides or conducts his commercial life plays a vital role to determine his future. There is a continues interaction of this space and our subconscious mind.

The Vedic Philosophy believes that each person is the centre of the universe. He has all the planets, stars, zodiacs, the five elements of nature and all other forces of nature in himself. What is outside is exactly what is inside.

Though you are governed by the stars, by the effects of the earth, by the land that you make your buildings on and by the energies that shape the environment in your home, you still are the master and maker of your own destiny. By understanding the forces that shape your destiny and with the knowledge of how to use them, you can shape your present and your future too!

Creating New Possibilities

Almost all of the problems in life can be addressed with the assistance of Vastu Shastra. Vastu is the tool given to us by Mother Nature with which we can create an environment conducive to the fulfillment of our desires. The real VASTU is just not the positioning of your different living areas but also creating complete balance between the energies prevailing in each dwelling. Our theme is a very new concept of handling day to day issues of our life. It is not possible to list all that Vastu offers us; still the following list will enable you to get a glimpse of what is in the offering and those which are relevant in our daily lives.