What is Vastu Shastra? (Book Appointment)

Shradha Sharma is one of the Best Professional, Famous, Astro Vastu Consultant & Vastu Expert in India with more than 8 years experience.

Vastu is a science of balanced energies at home provides an ideal environment for growth, confidence, happiness and prosperity.

Vastu is also the scientific study of directions, which aims at utilizing the natural energies for the benefit of humans, by creating a balance between man and material. As a science, it extracts the positive energy from the natural elements of the universe – the PANCHBHOOTAS, namely, earth, water, air, sun and sky.

It all these five elements, for creating a congenial setting or a place to live or work in, in most the scientific way, exploiting the benefits bestowed by the five basic elements.

The laws of the universe state that if the energy meridians in your body are in harmony with the environment that you live in, the body stays healthy.

The Human body and every cell within it, requires the correct information flow to ensure optimal health.
The ‘Energy Body’ constantly receives and emits signals. It permanently records all information regarding internal and external disturbances influencing the body-both past and present.